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Teach, Treat, and Supervise with CAPA

CAPA members have the opportunity to teach, treat, and supervise our wonderful students. Please find below more information about each program. Anyone interested in these roles should please join CAPA here to become an official member of our community. For general inquiries regarding volunteering with CAPA, please contact Catherine Stankowski at



Several hundred CAPA faculty from all over the world find the teaching experience very rewarding, and the students a joy to work with. CAPA teachers receive an honorarium to teach weekly on Zoom for 75 minutes per session, usually in 10-week sections. We provide all of the materials needed to teach each course, including the syllabus, readings, and tech support. During each ten week trimester there is a Technique course, a Theory Course, and a Continuous Case Conference. If you are interested in becoming a teacher, please contact



CAPA students apply to be matched with a CAPA treater for low fee psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. Most of them are in treatment by the end of the first year. Treaters and students meet at mutually agreeable times, usually on Zoom. Students and Treaters negotiate the fee together and the Students pay their Treaters directly. If you are interested in becoming a Treater, please contact the Director of Treatment, Dr. Lana Fishkin, at



CAPA supervision is paid for by CAPA students and is not part of the student’s tuition. Supervision is one or two years long (September-June) with major holidays and parts of summers off. During this time, we expect that supervision matches will meet for a minimum of 30 sessions each academic year- once per week, with time off for holidays and the summer. CAPA students are highly qualified, dedicated, and eager to learn. CAPA supervisors find the experience rewarding and enriching. If you are interested in becoming a supervisor, please contact 

CAPA is currently seeking Teachers for the 2024-2025 academic year.

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