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Title: Catalepsy, Memory and Suggestion in Psychological Automatism (English version)

Author: Pierre Janet, Giuseppe Craparo, Ph.D., and Onno van der Hart, Ph.D.

Published: November 2021

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Title: Aftermath: Healing from the Trump Presidency

Author: Karyne Messina, Ed.D. 

Published: February 2021

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Title: Selma Fraiberg: A Life Journey in Psychoanalytic Social Work

Author: Joel Kanter, LCSW

Published: November 2020 in Psychoanalytic Social Work

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Title: Archetypal Nonviolence: Jung, King, and Culture Through the Eyes of Selma

Author: Renée Moreau Cunningham, MFT

Published: December 15, 2020 by Routledge Publications

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Title: Psicoanalisi Online

Author: Giuseppe Craparo, PsyD

Published: December 2020 by Carocci Editore 

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Title: Free Association in Psychoanalysis: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives and Links to Neuroscience Contributions

Presenter: Barton Blinder, MD, PhD

Conference: APsaA Annual Meeting

Date and Time: June 2, 2022, 2-4p EST

Location: Boston, MA

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