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CAPA in China (CIC)

CIC, abbreviation for CAPA In China, is a group that is formed by current students and graduates of CAPA (China American Psychoanalytic Alliance).

The CIC Committee (formerly known as the "CAPA China Development Promotion Committee", hereinafter referred to as the "Committee") is constituted by democratically elected representatives of CAPA students and graduates. It’s purpose is to promote the professional growth and ethics of CIC members, and to promote the development of psychodynamic counseling, therapy and psychoanalysis in China.


CIC Today

In May 2017, CIC's local organizations elected ten members to form the CIC Committee. The term of the first Committee members expires at the end of April 2020.

In April 2020, the second CIC committee members were elected by the local organizations of CIC. After internal selection, negotiation and replacement, the current committee are as followed:

Chairman: Yu Guoyu

Vice President: Wu Qian

Secretary: Ding Jiewei

Members (in alphabetical order by surname):

LAN Jing, LAN Wei, Li Ning, Sha De, Yang Xin

CAPA Staff Liaison: Maria Gibson


Functional departments:

Training Department: Li Ning, Lanwei, administer de

Operation Department: Wu Qian (public number), Ding Jiewei (website, Yellow Pages)

Academic Department: Wu Qian

Ethics Department: Shi YiDe, Yu Guoyu

Legal Department: Yu Guoyu

Finance Department: Shi YiDe, Yu Guoy

Since its establishment in May 2017, the Committee formulated the rules of procedure and held a regular meeting every month. We work hard to facilitate the development of CIC training programme, the institutionalization and systematic development of CIC organization, academic and ethical learning of CIC members, cooperation between CIC and CAPA, academic exchange and cooperation between CIC and other professional psychological organizations, training and development of psychodynamic psychological counseling and psychoanalysis in China.

All work undertaken by CIC members is volunteer. We are donating valuable time and volunteering to undertake a large amount of work.

In the current Committee term, CIC successfully organized and promoted the following activities:

  • Establishing CIC Training Department which started and promoted two long-term training programs. The program of "Marching Towards 1000 hours" is a one-year program and has enrolled 4 terms of students. And the program of "Marching towards 3000 hours" is a two-years programs and has enrolled 3 terms of students.  A third program that is facing more basic students is planned for 2024. (See more details below)

  • Successfully built CIC WeChat mini program and website.

  • Successfully initiated the CIC Member Yellow Pages in the CIC WeChat mini program and website, and provided to CIC members for free in the first two years.

  • Continue to promote the Ethics Support Group.

  • Established and operated the CIC Ethics Committee.

  • Successfully held the 1st CAPA National Academic Conference (Nationwide in-person Conference for the first time), with more than 300 participants. (See more details below)


In addition, the daily work of the CIC members includes:

  • Participated in the monthly meeting of CAPA Board of Directors on behalf of CIC, introduced the development and current situation of CIC and CAPA students in China to CAPA, and helped CAPA in better understanding of the situation in China;

  • Responsible for the daily operation of CIC, including the improvement of CIC's internal management, financial and legal departments; applying for a China trademarks and handling related administrative procedures on behalf of CAPA; Handling promotion work of CIC, including the operation of CIC WeChat account, website and mini program;

  • Promote the development of CIC's existing local organizations, encourage and support the emergence of more local organizations, and encourage local organizations to continue to hold local academic conferences, professional lectures and publish professional articles;

  • Assist and encourage CIC members to conduct academic research and publications;

  • Encourage and promote CIC members to actively apply for registered psychologists and supervisors in Clinical psychology of Chinese Psychological Society; The committee encourages and promotes members to actively participate in large-scale professional activities organized by the Chinese Mental Health Association and the Chinese Psychological Society; More than ten10 of the 79 members of the Psychoanalytic Professional Committee of the Chinese Mental Health Association are CAPA students (current or graduated).


Training Department:

One of CIC's goals is to continue CAPA's mission in China by building a teaching team and providing local Chinese training programs for Chinese students. With this goal in mind, CIC established a Training Department in June 2020.


(Some working staff in the Training Department)

Until Today, CIC has launched two training programs:

  • "Marching towards 1,000 Hours" aimed at novice consultants with 100 to 200 consulting hours

  • "Marching Towards 3000 hours" mainly for consulting hours in 300-500 consultants with some experience


CIC is planning to launch the "Marching towards 100 hours" program in 2024, for people with a strong interest in psychology but no foundation. This program will help them get started in this field.



CIC's training program is approved by CAPA, referenced to CAPA's teaching experience. CIC carefully plans the curriculum, framework and content, combines technical courses with case discussions, and emphasizes practical practice to help students solve the problems of starting, surviving and developing.


(Some current students and graduates of CIC)

The teachers of the CIC training program are composed of 80 CAPA graduates and senior students, who, together with the staff of the CIC Training Department, devote themselves to this cause in a professional manner and in their spare time, carry forward the torch of CAPA for the promotion of psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy in China. So far, CIC has a total number of 232 students and graduates, and continues to grow rapidly.

(CAPA founder Dr. Elise Snyder at CIC's 1st CAPA Academic Conference)


CIC held the first CAPA Academic Conference in Chengdu on December 8-10, 2023, which was organized by the Psychoanalytic Application Professional Committee of Sichuan Psychological and Behavioral Science Society.

(CIC President Yu Guoyu presided the closing ceremony)

There were 7 thematic workshops, 22 group presentations, and 7 presentations from foreign experts. A total number of more than 300 psychologists attended the conference.

The organizer of the conference, CIC Development Promotion Committee, and the organizer, Sichuan Psychological and Behavioral Science Society Psychoanalytic Application Professional Committee, both made full efforts. Many members of the two organizations worked together to contribute a lot of time and energy to the conference. Engaged in a lot of work, including a lot of organization work before the meeting, the security work during the meeting, the follow-up work after the meeting and so on.

(The organizing committee and the staff (part) took a group photo)

The Development of CAPA and CIC in China

CIC was born on the basis of CAPA's strength. From the beginning, CAPA students gradually formed studying groups, peer supervision groups, and other interest groups. On this basis five local organizations gradually spontaneously were formed that are still active today, which are Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shanghai, and Chengdu. The representatives from these local organizations formed the initial CIC committee members.

In order to promote the development of psychoanalysis in China, CAPA has been encouraging students to participate in the teaching assistant program organized by CAPA, to take on more teaching and supervision work, to prepare CAPA students to grow into the backbone of the Chinese psychoanalysis community. After many years of development, CAPA students gradually became on-site translators for various training programs, and also translated a number of psychoanalytic monographs. More than 10 books that was translated by CAPA students have been published, including: The Matrix of the Mind, Standing in the space, The Interpersonal World of the Infants, Learning from the Patients, etc..

A number of other professional books have been translated by CAPA students also have published, such as Attachment in Psychotherapy, etc.. According to incomplete statistics, currently there are 81 CAPA students receiving psychoanalysis training as candidate from different psychoanalytic institutions in the States and directly from IPA, remotely or in person. There are 13 candidates have already graduated from the institutes and qualified as psychoanalysts. In the future, there will be more and more CAPA students graduating from psychoanalytic institutes, and there will be more and more CAPA students receiving psychoanalytic. 

(Some of the CIC faculty members pose with Dr. Elise Snyder and Dr. Glenn Mowbray)

Tomorrow of CIC

In the future, CIC will continue to carry out the daily affairs that are already underway and assume the responsibility for the succession.

CIC will continue its efforts to contribute to the development of mental health in China, promote cooperation and development with relevant domestic institutions, and work together for the healthy and sustainable development of psychodynamic psychological counseling and treatment and psychoanalysis in China.

Local Groups

20 members


  • Chair: LAN Wei (Vera) – Chair

  • Accountant: WANG Yuan (Nell) 

  • WeChat official account: LI Chunfang (Tommy)

  • LI Shunmei (Amy)

  • LIU Ying (Elaine)

  • ZHANG Yan (Juliet)



122 members


  • Chair: DING Jiewei (Cecelia)

  • Event: DING Yueqing

  • Finance: JIN Rui (Melanie)

  • Lecture: WANG Lijie (Tom)

  • WeChat: ZENG Shujie

  • WeChat, Event: HU (Danny) 

  • Member Registration: WANG Jiayin

144 members


  • Chair: XIAO Guanglan (Grace)

  • Chair: SZE Yee Tak (Maranda)

  • Member: BAN Ying (Ban) 

  • Public Relations: DAI Aifang (Alice)

  • Committee Member: WU Qian (Shirley)

  • WANG Wei (Ivy)

  • WANG Yayuan (Joyce)

CAPA International Student Group – CAPA


  • Chair: CHEN Fei

  • Vice Chair: CHEN Huiyi (Sanny)

48 members (and 25 social members)


  • President / Account: YU Gouyu (Jade)

  • Secretary: WANG Jing (Angela)

  • Committee Members: 

    • ​FENG Xuehan (Elena) 

    • JIAO Li (Adele)

    • QIU Min (Jed)

    • WANG Jieling (Vivi)

    • WANG Jinting (Vonnie)

    • YANG Zhande (Adder)

    • ZHENG Jingjing (Ginger)  


ZHEJIANG**As of June 2021



  • Chair: SHAN Yujia (Shine)

  • Treasurers:

    • ​ZHANG Yangqing (Daisy)

    • CHEN Lingyan (Linda)

  • LI Ning (Henry)

  • MAO Minle (Philip)

CHENGDU**As of February 2019



  • Chair: YANG Xin (Matthew) 

  • Academic Committee Chairman & Ethics Deputy: CHEN Sifan (Cerelia)   

  • Cashier: SHANG Yuan

  • Secretary: TANG Liu (Letitia)

  • Study Branch: WEI Gen (Grace)

  • Academic Seminars: ZHANG Zhen (Zara)

  • Membership Branch: LUO Xinyao (Nancy)

  • Treasurers: 

    • ​LI Xu (Gail)

    • ZHANG Jing (Flora)

  • Committee Members:

    • HE Song

    • JIANG Qi Zhuang (Eric)

    • TIAN Ruiqi (Rachel)

    • WANG Huiying (Diana)

    • XIE Ling (Lingxie)

    • ZHANG Jingyan

    • ZHENG Yu

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