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Training Program

  • Dean of Students: Aleksandra Wagner, Ph.D.

  • Associate Dean of Students: Pavel Snejnevski, Ph.D.

  • Dean of Faculty: Bernhard Seubert, Ph.D.

  • Associate Dean of Faculty: TBD

  • Administrator: Catherine Stankowski

Treatment Program

  • Director: Lana Fishkin, M.D.

  • Administrator: Toni Maeck

Supervision Program

  • Director: Thomas Campbell, M.D.

  • Administrator: Maria Gibson

Admissions Committee

  • Chair: Glenn Mowbray, Psy.D.

  • Co-Chair: TBD

  • Members: Audrey Brockner, LCSW, Matthew Elgart, Ph.D., Robert Gordon, Ph.D., Xiaolu Hsi, Ph.D., Elise Snyder, M.D.

  • Administrator: Bonnie Evans

Curriculum Committee

  • Chair: Dagnija Tenne, Ph.D.

  • Chair Years 1 & 2: Barbara Katz, M.D.

  • Chair Years 3 & 4: TBD

  • Student Member: LONG Xiaofeng (Azalea)

  • Administrator: Toni Maeck

Newsletter Committee

  • Editor-in-Chief: Karyne Messina, Ph.D.

  • Production Editor: Bonnie Evans

Movie Night Committee

  • Co-Chairs: Neal Spira, M.D. & Jacky Song

  • Administrator: Bonnie Evans

Analytic Applicants Committee

  • Co-Chair: Dwight McCan

  • Co-Chair: Belinda Torres, Ph.D.

  • Co-Chair: Emanuele Prosepe, Ph.D.

  • Administrator: Maria Gibson

Infant Observation Program

Supervision Training Program


Teacher Apprentice Program

Progression Committee

  • Chair: Bernhard Seubert, Ph.D.

  • Co-Chair: TBD

  • Members: Eileen Beirich, PsyD. (on leave), Matthew Elgart, Ph.D., Susan Herman, Ph.D., Lewis Kirshner, M.D., Elise Snyder, M.D., Aleksandra Wagner, Ph.D., Jane Yates, Ph.D.

  • Administrator: Catherine Stankowski

Special Lecture Series

  • Chair: Robert Gordon, Ph.D.

  • Administrator: Toni Maeck

Tour Committee

Tour Presentations Subcommittee

  • Chair: Ira Moses, M.D.

APsaA Discussion Group

  • Co-Chairs: Lana Fishkin, M.D. & Elise Snyder, M.D.

  • Administrator: Tiffany Bryant

Dim Sum Committee

Scholarship and Loan Committee

CPS Renewal Committee

  • Co-Chair: Xiaolu Hsi, Ph.D.

  • Co-Chair: Dwight McCan, Ph.D.

  • Advisory Member: YU Guoyu (Jade)

  • Advisory MemberWANG Xiubing (Summer)

  • Administrator: Bonnie Evans

  • Administrator: Catherine Stankowski

Standing Committees

Research Committee

  • Chair: Robert Gordon, Ph.D.

  • Members: Jonathan Cohen, Ph.D., Denise Newman, Ph.D., Maurice Preter, M.D., Stefanie Speanburg, Ph.D., Ren Zhenglia, M.D.

  • Administrator: Tiffany Bryant

Ethics Committee

  • Chairs: Susan Shively, M.D.

  • Members: Gennifer Briggs, LCSW, Ralph Fishkin, D.O., Fred Levine, Ph.D., YU Guo Yu (Jade)

Translation Committee (On Hiatus)

  • Chair: XU Jianqin (Jane)

  • American Members: Barbara Katz, M.D., Elise Snyder, M.D., Dagnija Tenne, Ph.D.

  • Chinese Members: PENG Chenjun, YAN Wenhua, ZHUANG Li (River) 

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