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Train the Next Generation of

Psychodynamic Psychotherapists.


Become a CAPA Teacher:


CAPA Teachers are volunteers, who teach once per week in commitments of 5-10 weeks during the academic year (September - June).

For more information contact:


Become a CAPA Treater:

CAPA students can be matched with a CAPA treater for low fee psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. 

For more information contact:


Become a CAPA Supervisor:

Supervisors meet with students for 30 paid weekly sessions each academic year. Supervision commitment is 1 to 2 years.


For more information contact:

CAPA is currently seeking Teachers for Spring 2024 classes
& for the 2024-2025 academic year.

There are currently several hundred CAPA faculty from all over the world who find teaching at CAPA extremely rewarding, and the students wonderful to work with.


What does it mean to teach at CAPA?

  • CAPA instructors teach on a volunteer basis, providing weekly classes on Zoom and in English for 75 minutes per class session.

  • Each CAPA classroom contain 9-12 students.

  • CAPA teachers teach in five or ten week sections.

  • CAPA provides all the academic materials needed for instructors to teach their classes, including the syllabus, assigned readings, and tech support.

  • CAPA instructors are asked to submit brief evaluations of each student at the end of the course.

  • CAPA instructors also become a part of a global movement to training the next generation of psychodynamic psychotherapists in China.

Interested in teaching at CAPA? For more information, please contact
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