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CAPA Fall Report 2010



Membership: 300+ members

Students: 150+ members

Individual supervisions: 140 +

In Treatment: 43 people in analysis and 30 in psychotherapy.

Technology: Oovoo and Skype for classes; OOVOO permits us to see students

in several cities at one time.

School has begun:

4 first year classes: 45 students

4 second year classes: 41 students

1 advanced course: Jerry Blackman: 21 students

1 advanced Child course: Ann Price: 6 students

Students from the following cities:

Beijing, Dalian, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, Ning Bo,

Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Shenzen, Chongqing, Qingdau, Hangzhou

Chinese institutions providing classrooms and equipment:

Institute of Mental Health, Peking University

Peking University Department of Psychology

Tsinghua University

Eastern China Normal University

Shanghai Mental Health Center

West China Hospital, Dept. of Psychiatry, Sichuan University Medical School

Tongji University

South West University for Economics and Finance

Wuhan Zhong-de Hospital

WuhanHospital for Psychotherapy,

Chengdu CAPA Association

We are currently organizing a Two-year Advanced Training Curriculum

Administrative Director: Ariela Bareket hit the ground running and has not paused for breath --

Tour: 26 people went to Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Shanghai, Wuhan and Kaifeng. There was an academic program in each city consisting of lectures, case presentations, individual consultations and supervisions. CAPA members met in person with their classes, patients, and supervisees.

CAPA Beijing Meetings: a variety of venues in Beijing

Sunday, Oct 24



CAPA at the IPA in Beijing: Freud & Asia: Evolution and Change in the Asian Context

CAPA members attending the conference:

Monisha Akhtar, Cecile Bassen, Joseph Bobrow, Paula Christian-Kliger, Annaik Feve, Lana Fishkin, Ralph Fishkin, Horst Kachele, Lea Klein, Fred Levine, Laurie Lovell-Simons, Ramon Mon, Maurice Preter, Lee Rather, Elise Snyder, Leonie Sullivan, Drew Tillotson, Chao-Ying Wang

If you are attending and not listed, please contact

CAPA Members will present these papers:

Monisha Akhtar: Cross-Cultural psychoanalytic practices in cases of a Chinese and Italian patient

Cecile Bassen: Panel Discussant: Women & Psychoanalysis: Reflections East and West

Joseph Bobrow: Presence of Mind: On Mentalization, Mindfulness and No Mind

Annaik Feve: Neuroplasticity & Post Traumatic Somatization: A Psychoanalytic Point of View.

Lana Fishkin, Ralph Fishkin, Fred Levine: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in China: Education and Treatment

Using Distance Learning Modalities

Lea Klein: Separation-Connection: From Breaking Point to Growth and New Life

Laurie Lovell-Simons: Balint Group Workshop

Ramon Mon: Dreams of a Truncated Bonsai

Lee Rather: Importing Psychoanalysis to China: The Function of Critical Pluralism as a Container

Elise Snyder: The Shibboleth of Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychoanalytic Treatment

Leonie Sullivan: Balint Group Workshop

Drew Tillotson: Transcultural Intersubjectivity: The Relational Unconscious between East & West

Chao-Ying Wang: Cross-Cultural psychoanalytic practices in cases of a Chinese and Italian patient:

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